Dennis Pilkey 2018 smFor nearly four decades, Dennis Pilkey has provided leadership in the application of a broad range of statistics to inform local, provincial, and national projects and initiatives. Dennis focuses on the use of qualitative and quantitative evidence to support policy development and strategic planning. His work has been presented at local, regional and national conferences and workshops. Many of his projects and reports have had a direct impact on policy, planning, and decision-making, whether for charitable organizations or for government departments.

DWPilkey Consulting specializes in Nova Scotia statistics with in-depth work at the neighbourhood level, especially in the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM). The results of some of that work are demonstrated on this site.

Contact Dennis if you have comments on anything on this site or want more information or clarification on any of the topics covered.

Areas of Expertise

  • Application, interpretation and presentation of statistics to support policy development, program planning andĀ evaluation
  • Data and financial modelling
  • Quantitative and qualitative research
  • Outcome measures andĀ results management
  • Project management

Other Interests

Cooking, gardening, construction projects, reading and music are among some of the things enjoyed when not playing with numbers.