Between the Bridges


Between the Bridges is a growing network of residents, non-profit organizations, departments of government and businesses making a commitment to working together in new ways, to tackle priority complex social and population issues in the community of Dartmouth North. The Between the Bridges initiative identified the four priority areas for “where to start” by synthesizing quantitative social and population data with qualitative information gathered from several community consultations resulting in the “Working Together” Report. Additionally, a face to face community survey called “600 Voices in 16” generated additional information from the community being impacted by social systems. Other considerations such as “what else was going on” to avoid duplication, were considered all resulting in the identification of four priority areas:

  • Access to Health Services
  • Community Fabric – Social Inclusion, Neighbourhood Safety & Community Pride
  • Housing – Quality and Affordable
  • Student Success.

Over the years, many studies and reports have been made for Dartmouth North. Each of these had different geographic boundaries. For clarity, DN Between the Bridges is the area depicted in the map below.

BtB map

The 2016 Census counted 12,700 people living in this area. For a demographic overview see  Dartmouth North Highlights March 2018. For additional statistics about Dartmouth North see UW Census Snapshot 2016 March 2018. The Snapshot cxompares five HRM communities with HRM, Nova Scotia and Canada. Charts of selected data from the snapshot are shown in UW Census 2016 Snapshot Charts.

In the summer of 2018, Between the Bridges engaged DWPilkey Consulting to develop a background report on housing to initiate and inform planning for development of the  “Housing – Quality and Affordable” priority area. The Housing Quality and Affordability report  was completed and released in January 2019. This report provides a “snapshot in time” of key information related to housing in Dartmouth North within a provincial and national context. International housing research and perspectives show the importance and effects of housing on peoples lives and well-being. The information will be used by the diversity of people and organizations engaged with Between the Bridges Network to support the development of a shared understanding of the issues and opportunities. It is hoped this information can also be a helpful resource to others involved in housing.