Dartmouth North Education

Pathways Eligibility Project


Under a Knowledge Grant provided by United Way, DWPilkey Consulting was engaged to lead and conduct the research efforts for this project.  The Dartmouth North Association identified improving the education experience of its children as one of the key steps to build a stronger, healthier community.

Pathways to Education ,active in Spryfield, is a national program helping youth in low-income communities graduate from high school and successfully transition into post-secondary education.  The results of this unique program have been ground-breaking, reducing high school drop-out rates by over 70 per cent, and increasing the rate at which youth go on to college or university by as much as 300 per cent.

A number of education indicators show that students from Dartmouth North are not achieving at the same level as other students in HRM.  Graduation rates are lower, senior high school withdrawal rates are higher and the number of students dropping out, or at risk of dropping out, are at levels that cause concern.

Students in schools in Dartmouth North are achieving at lower levels than most of HRM.   Based on preliminary information received it appeared that a large part of Dartmouth North met the basic eligibility requirement of a 40% dropout rate for the Pathways program. Additional research showed that Students from John Martin Junior High and Harbourview Elementary had dropout rates close to 50%.

The Dartmouth North Association wants the children of Dartmouth North to achieve assessment scores at the levels of the rest of HRM, to lower the dropout rate from High School, and encourage students to pursue post-secondary education. We want all children in our community to have a positive educational experience and achieve success.

To learn more:

Read the full report: DNA Pathways Eligibility Project Final Report

See graphical presentation of data in the report (large file – 10.7 mb): DNA Pathways Eligibility Project PowerPoint Supplement to Final Report

Read the supplementary report: DNA Pathways Education Outcomes Report

See the community meeting PowerPoint presentation:

Acrobat .pdf version –  April 17, 2012 DNA Pathways Eligibility Project Presentation

PowerPoint version – April 17, 2012 DNA Pathways Eligibility Project Presentation

In March 2017 Ron Snow did a feature for CTV Atlantic- N.S. not tracking high school dropouts.  Note the feature is preceded by a short ad.