Poverty Solutions

Poverty Solutions Report CoverUnited Way Halifax has Poverty and Inclusive Communities as one of its major endeavours. As noted in the recently released Community Report “When United Way Halifax and the Halifax Regional Municipality (HRM) joined together to tackle the issue of poverty, we set out with a bold vision: to create a poverty-free Halifax, filled with compassion and opportunity, where everyone lives a life with dignity.” This report is the result of  intense research and community consultations that began in April 2017 when Halifax Regional Council approved a collaborative effort to work with United Way Halifax to develop a community centred poverty solutions report. Over 1,000 people contributed the 100+ action ideas presented in the report.

CBC NS recently published a story on the responses of poverty activists on its website.

DWPilkey Consulting was engaged to provide statistical support for this work, largely using 2016 Census data. Some of the items developed were: